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4 good reasons to choose the video implementation of your internal processes, the integration process for new employees and the career plan:


Stop repeating. Save time and energy


Tutorials adapted to your business and your reality


Accelerate the training of your employees


Increase the quality of your documentation simply



plumbing, heating, air conditioning

The human adventure that we live in the rapid growth of our company has required the recruitment and rapid training of staff. With the tutorial, we set up tutorials on our internal tools and procedures. This frees up management time, increases the quality of the training and allows learners to return to the content.


Software & industry solutions.

META 2i has been developing software for the industry for 30 years. Our business is demanding and training is a key point of our performance. The implementation of a series of video contents, infographics and pdf in-house has allowed a faster integration of our employees and accelerated the internal mobility. We are currently developing a series of videos with the tutorial for our customers and prospects

Succeeding with your Digital Communication Apprentice

The most complete program for the rise in autonomy

DiSC behavioral analysis for you, your associates and your team.

How can this tool increase your efficiency so much?

a personalized follow-up for.

exceed your goals.

Putting your processes, your content, your story and your work method into images will save you time and energy.
Convert it into time for your teams, time for prospecting and R&D

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